Stretch Films

The advantages of TGP’s cast stretch film :

  • All can be made 100% degradable and custom-printed
  • Can be pre-stretched and made coloured
  • Low supply cost
  • Protection from moisture, dirt and abrasion
  • Reliable performance
  • Scan-through optics
  • Ease of removal

1) The innovative, thin gauge film

  • Strong and thin structure, no pre-stretching required
  • Cost and time effective, save more than 50%
  • User friendly
  • Occupational safety and health benefits

2) Pre-stretch Film

  • Cost and time effective (save more than 50%)
  • Environmental friendly
  • Strength, consistency and stability
  • Occupational safety and health benefits

3) Coloured and printed stretch film

  • Easy method for identifying and coding products for shipment needs.
  • Excellent for added security seal and tamper-evident purposes.
  • Can be printed with desired designs like company’s logo or product description.
  • Available colours: Blue, red, black, yellow and green.

4) TGP Handiwrap

  • Replaces tape, strapping, shrink-wrap and twine.
  • Cleaner than tape, tighter than strings and straps.
  • Quick, cost-saving and effective.
  • Multipurpose wrap to suit light and heavy industries.
  • Suitable for hardware and home applications for moving and storage, goods compacting and bundling.

5) Jumbo, Machine and Hand Rolls

  • Jumbo roll: – For the rewinding of desired product length to fulfill your customers’ requirements and specific target markets.
  • Machine roll: – Superior load retention to reduce shifting and movement. Excellent puncture resistance with better protection and clearer film. Suitable for conventional and power pre-stretch machine wrapping of palletized goods.
  • Hand roll: – Lightweight and easy to use. Manual wrapping of palletized wood, bricks, paper and other industry products.